Classic Basso marbled

Classic Basso marbled

Why playground?

Because everyone needs a non rules space in their lifes. Playground is a laboratory where ideas became reality.
As designers, we have always love every expression of it; objects is a format where design and arts live.

At playground we work with cement, glass, paints, wood, leather, plants, air.

Elements are here, let's play with them.


A mix of desire for creating and the need of a particular object.

Bardo de Autor - Strawberry pillow

Bardo de Autor - Strawberry pillow

It has all started many years ago in Argentina. At the time, our studio was named differently and we started with a side project named Bardo de Autor.

Bardo de Autor

Bardo de Autor means (in argentinian slang) something like author's mess. We designed and produced a series of pillows that quickly became a hit and before we could barely breath we were selling them in 30 shops all over the country.  Why we started? I guess we were eager to create the objects we wanted to have in our home but we couldn't find anywhere.

The project evolved to become a work-in-collaboration with different artists we admire. We produced kitchen towels, tote bags, coffee tables (the ones you use in your bed). We collaborated with other brands to create laptop cases and other products. 

Bardo playground feels different, more mature, more focused.